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1. The Union has the function to organized Testing Building material, Quality Control and supply the Test result in order to serve civil engineering Construction quality control mission.

2. Research and application of science and technology in the fields:
– Geology of work ;
– Geological hydrography ;
– Geological environment ;
– Geological measurement ;
– Technical geological survey

3. Confirmation of the cause for the event of the foundation of work for Construction.

4. Survey for design and survey of the investment projects.

5. Production and trade Science and Technology Equipments,Experiment equipment,equipment for production building material.

6. Test for analysis and assessment of the technical targets for building materials and geodesy of the site for construction.

7. Piles – Standard test method for piles under axial compressive load.

8. Certificate of Construction compliance

9. Scientific & Technology Service : Survey for design and survey of the investment projects, consultant control – quality test for the foundation and structure of the work in:
– Civil – industrial construction.
– Construction of irrigation – hydroelectricity – damp;
– Construction of airport – berth.
– Construction of Highway
Testing all of building material ,Implementation of the service for technology science, information, consultation, training for industrial transfer in the said fields.


1 Implementation of Consultant design and Consultant control – Quality test for the foundation and structure of work .Testing in the laboratory as well as at the site following the current standard, regulations, rules that the Union registered to the Department of Science and Technology – Ministry of Construction, to supply the result for test and survey to customers.

2 Establishment for investment of equipment and facility, construction of laboratory to be recognized, enhancement of the experiment ability for satisfaction of the demand of customers higher and higher.

3 Construction and application of the quality system for the laboratory of the Institute following TCVN ISO/IEC 17025:2001 ( General Requirements for the competence of testing and calibration Laboratories ) and ISO 9001:2000 ( Construction of the system for Quality Management ).

4 Establishment of the plan for implementation of the training and self–training to enhance the specific level, ability for the cadres and employees for the test of the Union.

5 Management of labor, equipments , assets, survey, adjustment periodically for
devices as per the regulations of the State.



1. The Main structure for conduction including :
- General Director
- Vice General Director
- Chief accountant
- Laboratory manage
The problem of appointment and deposetion for leaders of The Union was done by The Presidium of Viet Nam Association on Geology.

2. Departments System of the Union will assists management in duties, including :
- Planning bureau – Foreign
- Personnal Department
- Accounting Department - financial
- Laboratory – Verification
- Certificate of Construction compliance Department

3. Indirect management apparatus including : Advisers and Specialists of technical & management field to play a reguler consultative role about operation of The Union of Science.

4. Colloaborator Staff taked shape allowing each speciality. They will be mobilized and complete following specific mission of each operating period

5. Depending on the Development of company,the Union may have the laboratory, processing plants , survey terms, mineral explotation…

Quality Policy :

We would like to supply to customer for the services: consultant design, consultant control, consultant test and survey of the construction works correctly the demand of the fixed quality, we consider the quality as the guideline for all the operations of the Union.
For assurance of the perfect quality for service, we would like to undertake to carry out the following principles:

- Implementation of the work for survey, test correctly the process, rule at the construction standards, Vietnam standards as well as the countries as registered, to ensure the result exactly, faithfully, objectively.

- To make all the advantages for customer when coming to us as per for guideline: Quickly, on time and exactly.

- UGFC have always searched, listened to the idea, desire of the customers that day by day to be more perfect for our services.

- We have considered about the development of the Union for the field of: Prestige Quality for supplying services, equipping knowledge, new ability, improvement of machinery, equipment, skill to satisfy the purpose, service for the customers is the vitality of the Union.

- We have usually participated the training programs, self–training, practice for encouragement and enhancement of the specific level of the group of cadres and employees.

- We consider Supplying the best quality and profesional service to Customers as the guideline for all the operations of the Union.

- To ensure for the cadres and employees and customers the conditions for safety and environmental hygiene (light, temperature, ventilation…) when coming to us, the Union of Science Technology on Geology - Foundation &Verification Construction.



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